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Vacuum casting of art objects

Vacuum casting of metal alloys is eminently suitable for making art objects like highly detailed  sculptures and medals. The process is suitable to make very thin walled objects. We can cast art objects based on supplied master patterns, wax models or 3D-CAD data. It’s possible to use 3D-Prints as master patterns to directly cast in metal. Another possibility is to make silicon molds for casting a series of wax models. The silicon molds as well as the wax is casted under vacuum to assure a highly detailed result without air inclusions. The 3D-Printed or casted wax models are used in our investment casting process. The ceramic mold as well as the metal is casted under vacuum. A lot of metal alloys like bronze and silver are possible to cast. The casted result is a perfect copy of the master pattern, with all details preserved.

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