MultiJet Fusion 3D-Printing

Series production in plastic, right out of the 3D-Printer


3D-Printing of large parts

Accurate and good surface quality

PolyJet 3D-Printing

3D-Printing of accurate and highly detailled parts

Selective laser Sintering (SLS)

3D-Printing of strong functional parts

Vacuum Casting

With Vacuum Casting it is possible to produce small series of copies from a master pattern. If you quickly need some parts for testing or presentation Vacuum Casting is an interesting technology. If you only need a limited series of production parts Vacuum Casting can be an economic production technology. A lot of materials are availble, rigid as well as elastic plastics.

Transparent parts

Clear or colored translucent parts.

Made with 3D-Printing or Vacuum Casting.

Finish and Spray Paint

The appearence of a product is highly determained by its surface finish. Especcialy for parts that are used for presentation, this finishing touch is extremely important.

Casting in PU and silicon rubber

We can make rubber parts in Poly-Urethane rubber and Silicon rubber.